28 August 2011

New life, New team. Same purpose.

Time has flown by the last few months.

I've been back home in Oregon for nearly six months now. In the Mundane World, I've settled into a nice home and am looking forward to working as a reporter . . . life's good and a lot of possibilities are opening before me.

That's the Mundane World . . . .

As for the Other World . . . .

I've worked a few investigations on my own. Working solo has been okay but I really miss working with my old old API family. Since moving back here, I've been very anxious to get back into investigating the paranormal. This area is rich in paranormal activity and lore, and I have a feeling that there are a number of people who need help.

My friends Wendy and Jesse have been interested in the paranormal for a long time and they wanted to form a team of their own. We met a few times and discussed some plans. Wendy put together a Facebook page for the group,  Medford Paranormal Investigations

An MPI community FB page can be found here.

Last night, MPI conducted a training investigation at the Rock Point Cemetery, next to the (in)famous House of Mystery and the Oregon Vortex, west of Gold Hill.

Many stories about Rock Point. Accounts of a hooded specter carrying a lantern and wanders the cemetery; green flames that shoot out from some crypts; a green fog that drifts through the cemetery, sometimes breaking vehicle windows.

None of that happened last night.

However . . . .

Over the course of the few hours, the team managed to capture some orb activity -- and I do mean phenomenon with structure and emitting energy not dust or moisture -- on digital and some amazing EVPs were captured.

Some of the team even experienced being touched.

Even now, more evidence is being reviewed and more things are bring uncovered.

All I can say is that the team did a great job. More than ever, I know that I'm finding myself working with some great people.


I'm really looking forward to our first investigation.

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