25 September 2023

Writing Updates.

 Hello there.

As I recently posted on Facebook, I'm still writing, working on that damn novel. With the upheaval that happened over the summer and to find a new place to live -- and then packing, moving and unpacking -- it's been chaotic.

That said, I'm still writing . . . albeit with some changes.

Starting with the title.

The Aeons of Night is the new title; Against the Vast of Night, the Stars Are Fire will be the second novel's title. Not much else has changed.

Other than as I was writing the first chapter, it took a life of its own, becoming something of a prequel. It doesn't have a strong connection to the novel and I didn't want to cut it completely.

So . . . I made a decision.

Called Mnemonic Gun, it's Zed's story of how he assimilates himself into Earth/Terra/Tehrani culture and discovers an insidious conspiracy that endangers many innocent lives. It's a great introduction to The Zedverse, as I call it.

But it's a novella and too short for any publisher to print. 

So, I'm going to self-publish it, probably on Amazon or PublishDrive; I haven't decided yet, I'm still weighing various factors. The plan is to self-publish the novella and send the novel to a traditional publisher.

I've spoken with a professional artist about cover artwork and I know they will do a great job.

In the meantime, this will be my writer's website.

That's all for now.

When the novella is ready, I'll post the information here.

Thanks so much.

Take care and Hallowe'en is almost here.

Be seeing you.


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